Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Old Colorado and Crab Apples

Pablo Gonzales
Lies below
His gums were fast
but his sidearm slow

I miss Gonza now but in old Colorado, you never mock a cowboy's hat and expect to finish out the day. Grandpa was German and insisted, with his dying breath, that we all ride the high plains wearing those Godawful, damn, ridiculous Kaiser Wilhelm steel helmets with the idiotic spike on top!  All the kids except Gonza and I got to wear a cool Stetson. Gonza wore a sombrero so he figured that he had the edge over me which of course he did. Ooh, it made me so mad! 

What earned Gonza his eternal nap below the starry skies of Colorado was more or less a "lucky" shot. He maliciously flung a crab apple at me with a high trajectory and, of all things, the crab apple came down and got impaled right on the stupid spike of my Kaiser Wilhelm helmet with a loud metallic thunk. This happened right in front of everybody in town, a one in a million shot!  Words cannot describe the humiliation. "Crabby!" From then on, it was: "Here comes Crabby!! hahahahaha."

Blinded by rage, and with gritted teeth,  I ripped the crab apple off my spiky helmet, lowered my head like a bull and charged!

"Watch out, citizens!, that boy has spent too much time around cattle!, he's gone crazy! hahahahaha"

Some laughed so hard that others had to drag them away before they got gored by the lunatic in the Kaiser Wilhelm cowboy hat. I've always hated being laughed at so, that very week, I moved from that dusty, cruel town of Louisville, Colorado and settled in California and grew a mullet haircut. (a mullet haircut is a kind of warning, if you catch my drift)

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